The most effective folk remedies for treating prostatitis

Treating prostatitis is a long-term process. An integrated approach is used - medication use, lifestyle changes - moderate physical activity, proper nutrition, rejection of bad habits and herbal remedies. Treating prostatitis with folk remedies is not forbidden, it is even welcomed by many medical specialists, as alternative medicine really works by helping to speed up the healing process. Practice shows that the use of folk remedies is sometimes more effective than the use of medicines. Let's find out how to treat prostatitis in men with folk remedies?

Benefits of treating prostatitis with alternative methods

products for the treatment of prostatitis

In most clinical pictures, a man seeks help from a doctor when the disease has become chronic. Ignoring the symptoms worsens the situation, which delays healing indefinitely. The early stages of inflammation in the prostate are suitable for therapy, especially folk remedies.

Alternative medicine offers many prescriptions to help you get rid of the negative symptoms of prostatitis. But it is not always advisable to use folk remedies, as they isolate forms of the disease that are treated exclusively with a method of medication. These include the acute phase of the disease, bacterial, infectious and calcifying prostatitis. With such pathologies, it is recommended to combine the drugs prescribed by a doctor and non-traditional methods of treatment.

Most often, strong medications are prescribed to treat prostatitis. As you know, medicines have not only indications for use, but also contraindications, an impressive list of side effects. And this is justified, as sometimes the positive impact of pills on the prostate gland is accompanied by a deterioration of overall well-being.

Pros of alternative medicine:

  • There are no chemical or synthetic ingredients in the composition of phyto-remedies, which guarantees safety for the body;
  • Mild effect on the human immune system;
  • Minimal likelihood of developing negative phenomena. In most cases, tinctures and decoctions are well tolerated by patients;
  • Profitability. Folk remedies are much cheaper compared to medicines.

Important: folk remedies for prostatitis can not be used in the acute form of the disease, as in this case the patient needs urgent help - strong medication or even surgery.

Folk remedies are recommended for use when the diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory and instrumental diagnostic methods. Unlike medicines, herbal medicines work somewhat more gently, so there will be no immediate therapeutic effect.

Clay therapy

types of clay for the treatment of prostatitis

For the treatment of prostatitis, blue (preferred) or black clay is used. It has anti-inflammatory properties. The method of therapy is simple: it is necessary to dilute the clay powder with warm water, or with a decoction based on medicinal plants in the stability of plasticine. Roll out a cake from the mass, which is at least three inches in diameter. It is applied in the area where the glandular organ is located. The duration of the manipulation is three hours.

It is noted that the pain syndrome may develop 30-60 minutes after placing the cake, but this is normal. Experts say the pain is a sign that the clay has started to work. After the procedure, you can not go outside for 2 hours.

Another use of clay:

  1. Dissolve wheat bran in plain water. Add such an amount of clay to the liquid so that a plasticine mass is obtained at the outlet.
  2. As in the previous version, a cake is made.
  3. Then a piece of woolen cloth is dipped in hot water, applied to the perineum or in the sacrum area. Put a cake on top. After the fabric again.
  4. EngageLeave overnight.

The duration of the prescribed method of treatment is two weeks. Healers note that improvement is observed on day 3-4 of the therapeutic course. The full course allows you to forget about the symptoms of prostatitis forever.

Fact: Clay therapy for the treatment of prostatitis is a method proven for centuries. Its effectiveness is not in doubt, although it is not yet known exactly why such therapy works. Clay manipulation relieves inflammation, reduces swelling of the prostate gland. Prostate cells and tissues are cleansed, full organ function is restored. In men, the urinary process is normalized, erectile function is improved.

You can use clay at any age, there are no contraindications. The only caveat is that every time you have to make a new cake, you can not apply it again. Due to individual intolerance, a local side reaction is possible in the form of skin rash.

Coniferous bath

taking a coniferous bath by a man, for the treatment of prostatitis

Traditional methods of treating prostatitis in men include baths. Most often they are made with a collection of medicinal herbs or needles. The essence of the therapeutic effect is to warm the whole body, which helps increase metabolic and metabolic processes, blood circulation in the body.

Coniferous baths give the following effects:

  • Reduces swelling and pain syndrome on the background of prostatitis;
  • Tissue trophy (nutrition) is normalized;
  • Toxic substances and free radicals are removed from the prostate;
  • Cells are restored as tissue regeneration is accelerated;
  • The secretory function of the glandular organ is normalized;
  • Local immune status increases.

Coniferous baths can be taken for any form of prostatitis. They have no contraindications, and among the side effects, only one allergic reaction to needles can be distinguished. Occurs in 0. 001% of people.

Coniferous extract can be purchased at the pharmacy or prepared by yourself. Recipe: 200 g of fresh needles are added to three liters of water (you can take cedar or spruce). Put the liquid with the needles on the fire, boil under the lid for 90-120 minutes. There is another recipe for the preparation of the extract: add 300 g of pine needles in three liters of boiling water, leave for 5-6 hours. Once you have put it on the fire, boil it until half of the liquid is left.

It is worth knowing: add no more than 200 ml of coniferous concentrate to 50-60 liters of water. If the needles are in tablets or powder, then 80 g is added to the bath.

Treating the prostate with folk remedies for men, especially with needles, has certain rules. To achieve the desired therapeutic effect, you must adhere to the following recommendations:

  1. The optimum temperature of the liquid in the bath is 36-40 degrees.
  2. The water level reaches the middle of the chest. It can be lower, higher is impossible.
  3. The duration of the manipulation is 15 minutes.
  4. If dizziness is noticed, then the bath stops.
  5. Do not take a bath immediately after eating.
  6. A pine bath is done just before bedtime.
  7. The course of treatment is 2 weeks, a bath is done every day.
  8. It is allowed to take a bath every other day, but then the course of therapy is 28 days.

If the listed recommendations are followed, then the person during the procedure notices redness of the skin, feels a slight tingling sensation of tingling sensation. These signs indicate an increase in blood circulation in the body. Sometimes there is a feeling of heat in parts of the body that are not immersed in the bath - this is normal. Extraction should not be accompanied by swelling or redness. When such symptoms appear, then coniferous baths are contraindicated for use.

Contraindications to coniferous baths: atherosclerosis of blood vessels, decompensated arterial hypertension, oncological pathologies. You can not take a bath with the aggravation of chronic diseases, against the background of shortness of breath and colds, which are accompanied by cough, fever, chills, fever.

Physical exercises

man doing physical exercises to treat prostatitis

Physical inactivity - low physical activity, leads to overload in the pelvis, impaired blood circulation, which in turn provokes the prostate. Moderate exercise for prostatitis is a mandatory part of treatment. Exercise increases the flow of prostate secretions, strengthens the pelvic floor muscles, normalizes metabolic processes, blood circulation, which together helps to restore normal prostate function.

For your information: With chronic prostatitis, overloading the body with strenuous exercise is not recommended - there should be a measure in everything. Permissible types of loads: swimming, morning exercises before morning or brisk running, yoga, brisk walking.

Effective exercises for prostate at home:

  • Construction. This exercise involves pulling the anus muscles. During suction, the muscles contract, during exhalation, they are relaxed. Repeat twice a day. Each workout is a minimum of 10 approaches;
  • Scissors. The man lies on his back, lifts his legs and spreads them sideways. Then you have to join the lower limbs and cross, then return to their original position. "Scissors" can be done while lying on your stomach. Such a performance is given a little harder, but compared to the first option is more efficient;
  • "Walking on the buttocks. "The man sits on the floor, then he has to move his buttocks in every direction. In a workout, you should "walk" 50-60 feet;
  • BicycleStart position - the man lies on his back, adjusts his hands behind the back of the head, raises his legs and imitates the bicycle. An exercise involves 20-30 rotations.

Exercise really works, but only if the husband does it regularly - at least 5 times a week. Walking up the stairs also improves blood circulation in the body, so it is advisable to forget the elevator.

It is possible to cure prostatitis, but it is difficult. Therefore, you should act in a comprehensive way, not forgetting prevention - proper and balanced diet, good rest, adherence to drinking regime, regular sex and preventive visits to the urologist.